十二月 31, 2016
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fangfang   中部     $120/1

☎ 9811 5375

Personal Details (个人资料)
Name :fangfang    59 号

Age :24

Height :1.66m
Boobs :36B
Weight: 45kg
Location: Central

Service 服务:

 Authentic FINGER PRESS Massage♡♥正宗指压按摩♡♥ Authentic FINGER OIL Massage♡♥正宗油推按摩 ♡♥Boobs Massage★波推 ♡♥ Prostrate Maintenance♡♥前列腺保健♡♥Grasp root★抓根 ♡♥ Back Kneeling★跪背♡♥ Head Massage♡♥头部按摩♡♥ HJ♡♥打飞机♡♥ HDLY★海底捞月 Lymphatic Drainage Massage★精油开背,全身淋巴排毒 ♡♥ The coin scraping★硬币刮痧 ♡♥

Damage 价格:$120/1/Massage+1HJ(Room & Included)

2 comments on “fangfang”

  1. LiveFresh说道:

    Very Sweet and Chatty Girl. She is very hardworking and provide good massage. Like her teasing before the HJ

  2. 雨后彩虹说道:

    sweet girl very nice ,provide good massage.


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